Tom, who’s 74 years young has participated in the TNHBR 24 years.

How long have you been cycling and what got you into it?

I started biking probably about 40 years ago. I started when I was teaching the modified Outward Bound course I helped start at Concord High. R.O.P.E. (Reaching Our Potential in Education) had weekend trips and one was self supported biking. Our first trip was two days around Winnipesaukee from Concord. I didn’t know how to shift or anything else. A support car had to pick me up just short of our first night stop because I couldn’t even walk the bike in straight line! Since that first trip I have ridden many weekend trips with ROPE – 220 miles in 3 days, summer school trips (400+ miles in 5 days) x-country, solo in the northern Cascades, PEI, and more.

What did / so you do for work?

I taught at CHS for 30 years and then became principal of an alternative high school in Concord for 5 years.

What is something that people from the ride might no know about you?

Some people might not know I have Parkinson’s, though I suspect most do. I went to an all black college for a semester in 1964. While at Fisk I got arrested and jailed for trying to integrate a restaurant in Nashville. Got to hear MLK speak in person. Restaurant integrated that summer.

What are 3 things you would like your profile to say?

  • Helping others and doing this ride is worth the effort and pain it might require.
  • Giving others the opportunity to help is just as important as you doing the helping.
  • This will be my last TNHBR due to Parkinson’s and age.