Lou is 75 years young and has participated in the TNHBR for 6 years.

How long have you been cycling and what got you into it?

I was always on some kind of bike from toddler on. Then at about 8 or 9 I got an English 3-speed bike in Brooklyn NY. Now I could go anywhere and did. Only 3 miles to Coney Island, only 9 miles to the Brooklyn Bridge. I went everywhere. My parents never knew where I was. We moved to Staten Island when I was 11. I got a drop-handled 10-speed about 1961 at 17 yrs old. I remember doing a 70 mile ride up thru Staten Island, Ferry, Manhattan, Bronx and up the Hudson on Rt 9 to Sing Sing prison and back, my skin was filthy with soot when I got home!

What did / do you do for work?

Electrical and then Software Engineer

What is something that people from the ride might not know about you?

I’m very stubborn and feel I can do anything.

What are 3 things you would like your profile to say?

  • I blame Dusty Smith (we share grandkids) for getting me doing the TNHBR at age 69 and now I can’t stop – 6 so far.
  • Last July I tore my left quadriceps tendon totally off my kneecap with a freak fall and then re-tore it off in mid-Sept when I did something stupid. So 2 operations to reattach and long recovery time.
  • With all that I still, more than ever, want to do the full TNHBR this year and I am confident I will.